Friday, 6 April 2018

On The Horizon

Bursts of light at the end of the horizon surrounded by lush paddy fields on my last day in Bario.

It was our first day in Bario and I was already blown away by the beauty of the Kelabit highlands.
All around me was lush green paddy fields, mountains, and optimum temperatures of perhaps 20+ degrees.
I loved the moment I spent alone, looking at the view that was absolutely breathtaking, just staring into the
horizon and sky – it gave me so much peace and helped me think through life from a very different perspective
and penned out my thoughts. I savoured the wonderful feeling of waking up every morning to such beautiful
sights, especially on my walks through the villages of Arur Dalan and Arun Layun. There was something so
mysterious about this land when mist shrouded the mountains with birds chirping and “bangau” (stork) flying
over the paddy fields. Not forgetting the hike up to Bukit Korea, Prayer Mountain and even wading through the
mud at Pa Umor, those sceneries reminded me why I fell in love at first sight with this place seven years ago
by just looking at a photo of the highlands that I didn't even know then.

By: Mei Yin Aw

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