Tuesday 12 January 2016

Don't you worry child, see heavens got a plan for you

Have you ever stopped to wonder why everyone has a girlfriend/boyfriend and you don’t? Do you ever feel anxious about what career/lifestyle path you will stumble upon? Or wonder what is the purpose of your life?

Well, I have!

In my humble opinion, I think it is normal to think about these legitimate questions because that is part of the journey to figure what God has in store for us. 

Being in Bario has allowed me a chance to step back from life in the fast lane where we continuously chase deadlines after deadlines. It is crucial to slow down and assess what it is that we are trying so hard to chase towards.

If God is the beginning and the end (Alpha and Omega), then He must have already thought about each one of us when He made the earth. 

Certainly, not everyone is called to a life of marriage. And certainly not everyone is meant to be a doctor/lawyer (as one of my batch mates, Kan Wai Min, wrote in one of his WHEE! posts). Neither am I fit to explain what is the purpose of life.

But what I do know is, we might have a plan for ourselves, but very often we lose out on the most important things in life, such as love and happiness (I should only highlight these two values now because they are what I wish to deliver). To understand these two simple-yet-complicated values, the presence of God needs to fit in the equation.