Sunday, 14 January 2018

Describe Wind: Ngarang Everywhere 4.0

Sitting on the porch one lazy afternoon, waiting for my turn to shower, I begged Rhon to teach me how to play the sape. So she showed me the correct way to hold it, where to place your fingers, and broke it down into three parts. After letting me struggle along a little, Rhon decided to show me how it was played. It was at that moment that movement caught the corner of my eye. Tepuq had walked in quietly and started moving her hands in the wavelike patterns oh so common to the ngarang. As it played out, I couldn't decide which one I admired more -- the sound of the sape, the spontaneity of the whole situation, or how graceful Tepuq looked as she danced in time to the plucking of the sape.

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